A word from the General Manager

Dear Visitors,
Al-Rashideen Company, which was established in the Arab Republic of Egypt, works as a leading company in the field of transportation, freight and delivery with large-sized companies such as Universal, Chipsy Food Company, LG and other major companies, the company also works with small and medium-sized companies, which has earned us the sharing of experiences, development, progress and growth.
Despite the difficult times that we faced in our march, we have successfully reached a stage of self-confidence in completing all tasks related to the transportation process and its services. Which makes us proud of our employees who are highly qualified, and we look forward to the confidence of our customers across our beloved country and beyond.
Above all, we aspire with a high team spirit to achieve our highest goals and dreams in making Al-Rashideen Company the first choice in Egypt in the field of transportation. Everyone in our company, whether managers, engineers, financial and administrative staff or technicians and workers, works in that direction to build a strong, peaceful and prosperous future, so that our fleet grows day by day and our success rate increases more and more.

With sincere thanks and appreciation

 Yasser Al-Naklawi

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