Are you looking for a transportation vehicle?

With Al-Rashideen ... Your goods are always safe.

Since 1980 was the beginning of our journey and providing our first services to start from that moment, a difficult journey that continued over the years. During which we were able to establish our feet and impose ourselves as one of the best companies operating in the field of transportation and freight. To achieve this success, we needed to accumulate experience and capabilities day after day, so we worked within the highest standards of efficiency and readiness around the clock.

Our services

We provide our services in the Al-Rashideen (RTC) Company in the field of transportation and freight on the personal and commercial levels, with a transport fleet consisting of various cars to accommodate all needs and all types of movables. Besides the transportation process, we also provide dismantling, installation, packaging and loading services.

Transportation of luggage and furniture of all kinds to individuals and companies

We transport all types of furniture and furnishings, and provide dismantling and installation services and all necessary services to keep it clean through the processes of arranging and packaging, as we have teams of technicians and qualified workers to accomplish that task.

Transportation of goods and supplies for individuals or companies

We transport machinery and industrial equipment of all kinds with the latest protection and safety methods used in transportation operations and allow our customers to follow all the stages that take place during the transportation process and its details from the moment the equipment is loaded and shipped until the moment it arrives and unloads.

Transportation of goods and food products

Not only do we transfer factory products, including tools and supplies, but we also transfer all products of factories and companies such as consumer goods and foodstuffs with full professionalism and modern means to protect them from damage.

Through the efficiency and credibility shown by Al-Rashideen (RTC) Company, it was able and well-deserved to gain the confidence of major companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt and was the first choice for those companies and for several other companies where Al-Rashideen (RTC) Company worked for
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